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KidzLife is a fun approach to helping kids discover the true heart of God. We believe that when kids know who God really is, they’ll trust His heart and follow His plan. Kids 3yrs old through 5th grade will have fun together each Wednesday night while learning about Jesus and growing in their faith in Him. They'll learn relevant Bible teaching to address issues that real kids face, gain deeper understanding of what the Bible means, learn life application, and discover true heart change. Plus, develop friendships & build character along the way!

Helping kids discover the true heart of God.

Biblically Accurate
Biblically Accurate

KidzLife was built with Scripture at its core. We carefully crafted lessons, journals, and songs to be accessible to kids without cheapening the message with man-made moral lessons or trivia.

Unique Curriculum
Unique Curriculum

KidzLife has a 6-year cycle of curriculum for KingdomKidz (K-5th), and 2 years for BigKidz (3-4 yr. olds). This years theme is Keys to God’s Kingdom: Sermon on the Mount.

Interactive Journals
Interactive Journals

KidzLife Journals are highly interactive using 3D, glow-in-the-dark, disappearing ink and cater to unique age groups (K-2nd) and (3rd-5th). They also feature key scriptures to look up and read along with each week’s memory verse.

KidzLife Music

Listen to a sample of the music your kids can take home as a fun tool for practicing their weekly memory verses! Modern & creative songs in a range of genres the entire family will enjoy.

Themed Nights

The fun never stops at KidzLife. Nearly every night is a new, exciting themed night! Themes such as Pajama night, Crazy Hair night, Backwards Night, and much more!

Caring & trained volunteers

All of our leaders & volunteers are passionate about kids and teaching them about the Gospel! Each leader has passed a background check and completed a child safety course, so you can be assured your kids are in good hands!


Why KidzLife?

We are super excited about our new Wednesday night kids program! Maybe you participated last year and now you’re wondering, my kid loved it and learned a lot, why change a good thing? Well, in our first year as a church (2022), we chose a program that our leaders were familiar with, curriculum we trusted, and could be implemented quickly. It really was a great year, we had a ton of fun… but we knew from the beginning we wanted more for our kids. Last years’ program was high on scripture memory and high on awards. We believe there’s more to the Christian life than memorizing for an award. More than kids lining up to say verses that they had crammed in their heads on the way to church. We want more. More of a kingdom emphasis. More understanding. More heart change. More lives eternally changed!

We feel that our NEW Wednesday nights will have more relevant Bible teaching to address issues that real kids face, deeper understanding of what the Bible means, life application, one verse per week WITH understanding, verses set to cool music, mission things that KIDS can do, and journals that parents can do with their kids! No kid gets left behind if they aren’t able to complete a memory verse. Every K-5th child is always on the same passage, giving us more time each week to focus on individual discipelship and deeper understanding of scripture.

Things will still feel familiar as we are continuing our super fun game-time each week, large group & small group time, and special themed nights like pajama night, crazy hair night, etc.

What does KidzLife cost?

Free! We provide materials for your children at no cost.

How much parent involvement is required?

Parent involvement is not required. Feel free to drop your kids off at 6:45pm and return to pick them up at 8:15pm each Wednesday. Or, parents are always invited to join other adults for our weekly Prayer Meeting that takes place from 7-8pm in the lounge room.

We give your kids materials to take and complete at home but it’s not a requirement. Having been on the parent side of a Wednesday night program (and knowing how easy it was to forget all about journals until we were loading up to get to church the next Wednesday) We are confident our interactive journals will be irresistible for your kids. We understand life is hectic and schedules are busy, so there is never any added pressure for parent involvement or extra homework. Kids can earn achievements every night DURING KidzLife without added work from home. BUT, we truthfully believe these interactive journals will be irresistible for your kids and provide a great opportunity for you and your child to learn about God together.

Do I have to attend Redemption Bible Church in order to participate in KidzLife?

No! Anyone is welcome whether they attend Redemption Bible Church or not.

What about my younger or older kids?

A nursery is available for children 0-2yrs and students in 6th-12th grade participate in Redemption Students. Learn more.

Designed with parents in mind!

We believe that learning begins at home. That's why we've structured KidzLife to be easy for parents to interact with their kids at home and learn about God together. We know life is hectic, so there is never added pressure for kids to complete assignments. Awards can be earned during KidzLife, not just through work at home. But, we strongly believe that our interactive journals will be irresistible to your kids! Plus we've made it easy to memorize scripture with original music where each verse has been crafted into a song!

Here from a KidzLife Parent